Message from Chris

All the live links from Soundtrack Central Loss-less are now here on this site. Megaupload, Fileserve and Filesonic files have been removed. It looks like Rapidshare won out. Thanks to all for your contributions and support for the sites that I have published. Time allowing I will continue to update them. If you have any requests just leave a message in the comments box.


veritas said...

i need the password to the files???, i cant open rar without it, my email is

Soundtrack Central said...

Hi, Chris,
There's only a few links - 5 at most - that need passwords and the p/w comes right after the link anyway. Give me the titles/links and I'll see what is needed to be done.
Meanwhile try unzipping the files with 7Zip -it seems to work better than Winrar.

veritas said...

2.indiana jones & the temple of doom confidential
and also would you be able to get the soundtracks to miami vice the tv series,there are 3 of them, i havent been able to find them anywhere,there the ones that have singing in them not the jan hammer stuff

Eric Meyers said...

Do you have the Wrath of Khan Expanded?

Paul Ferrer said...

Hey Chris - what a wonderful site! Been listening to film music since I was in high school. How can I take part in all of this? I found a couple I would like to hear, but I guess I need to be authorized...? My e-mail is

Many thanks,


Soundtrack Central said...

Hi, Paul,

Thanks for your message. None of the links need any special authorization; all the loss-less links are now under one heading - Loss-less Links !!! If by chance you click on a link to forget it - it's an old link now defunct.



Jasmine Young said...

I was wondering if you could get the 'the Sentinel' score? Many thanks, awesome blog!