Happy Holidays to one and all

Hey, funky soundtrack fans!! This is the last posting for 2009 so let me thank everyone who has contributed to the blog whether it was $$, links or just good will. Special mention has to go to Jean-Luc, our wild French friend who gave us so many great scores and devoted many hours to sharing. Also Jura007, Red, Bruce of Dalkhouse Records and anyone else whose links I might have scalped !!!

See you again in 2010!!

[x] Here's the spreadsheet which will give you 1,500 links to the soundtracks listed here on the blog.

If I get shut down at least the links will be live for a while longer. Donate if you want to, it's the Season for giving.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

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Anonymous said...

happy new year

please long life


"Intimate Enemies -L' Ennemi Intime /Soundtrack/ 2007 music Alexandre Desplat"
01 L'Ennemi Intime (03:30)
02 1959 (02:11)
03 Zone Interdite (04:27)
04 Trahison (03:13)
05 Souvenirs (01:47)
06 Mission de Nuit (04:13)
07 Opération de Police (02:50)
08 Steles (01:48)
09 Napalm (03:38)
10 Attente (01:14)
11 Fantômes (07:27)
12 Grenoble (01:57)
13 Taida (04:10)
14 Exécution (03:41)
15 1959 (version longue) (09:52)