First Blood - Rambo - First Blood Part ll - Rambo lll


B_Diddy said...

Link for Rambo II pt 1 is messed up. Just thought I'd point that out.

Another great post. Thanks. :D

mondrega said...

Hi, B Diddy,
Thanks for the heads up. Try it now!



Horror Theatre said...

Hi again

Just wondered if there was an extended soundtrack for 'Cocktail' feat. ALL the songs in the film.
This has bugged me for years.
Maybe Jean-Luc may be able to help???
Here's hoping
H. Theatre

mike said...

Hi, what is the correct password for Rambo 3 expanded? thanks

Jean-Luc said...

Sorry I dont know anything about an extended version of "Cocktail".
Standard releases have 10 tracks.
Maybe a bootleg I dont know about?

TheLakersSUCK said...

can i have the password please? for Rambo II

xtian mena said...

pleaseeeeeeeeeee my bro... the password for rambo II...thnks... bless..!!