A Year Ago in Winter (Im Winter Ein Jahr)



For Jennifer !!

Special thanks to our friend Jura007 for these albums!!


souphater said...

I got this soundtrack when the movie was released in Germany - It's one of the most beautiful I've ever listened to. To be frank, all scores by Niki Reiser are amazing. ^__^

PS: I don't know how to contakt you so here I'm asking: are you still searching for the Score of "Grave of fireflies" (Hotaru no haka) If so I could upload it for you ;)

mondrega said...

Hi, Souphater!
Thanks for your message. We would welcome the link to Fireflies so please, go ahead and leave it in the comments box.
Cheers and welcome to the blog!


kindsaluv said...

so happy to find this blog! thanks for summer of sam OST.
can i make a request? i'm searching since years for "new rose hotel".
thanks again, nice work! cheers K

mondrega said...

Hi, K !
Thanks for your message. Have listed your request. Schooly - D I think was the artist. Welcome to the blog.

souphater said...

I am sorry it took so long to reply again... right now there is much tiring work to do. xD
So finally here is the score: http://www.mediafire.com/?jmignicinui

I know the songs aren's taged in the most appropriate way. For the Kanji's of the song titles you can check out the Score at amazon.jp - at least that's what I always do. ;)