A Summer Story

[1]   loss-less
[2]   Buy it here from Amazon


Scoredaddy said...

What a coincidence! I post this title and Steel Magnolias at my blog, and the very next week it appears here! And in lossless also, just like mine!! Incredible coincidence. We must be joined telepathically. MOAN. I think it might be better to use the original links instead of stealing somebody's rip and re-upping under your own account. Who the hell is Camille anyway?

mondrega said...

Hi, Scoredaddy,
I had a look at your site. Steel Magnolias and this one might have come from your site but the links are different and you have your files split up.
When someone shares an album/link I usually give them credit for such. As long as the music is good I don't ask where it comes from.
Sites like yours and mine are the only places a soundtrack lover can get a break. If they like it enough they will buy it and that's about as fair as it gets. Cheers, anyway!

Scoredaddy said...

They both came from my site but I understand your position. You are right, at least people can hear this great stuff.
Take care, no hard feelings!!