Star Trek First Contact


Matthew_Booker said...

Pete -

I recently submitted a request via your personal e-mail for expanded versions of the following scores, if they were available:

Star Trek III - The Search for Spock (composed by james horner)
Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home (composed by Leonard Rosenman)
Star Trek VII (Generations)(composed by Dennis McCarthy)

I also requested in that same e-mail, but have since found, the scores for Superman II, Superman III and Superman IV and the expanded score for Star Trek II.

Would you please make every effort to find those for me? I additionally recently submitted links on the appropriate page for the complete recordings of the Lord of the Rings Scores, which I recently acquired through another source.

mondrega said...

Hi, Matthew,
Thanks for your messages. Your requests have been placed on the request board. As for Star Trek the Movie the link came from another source. Most likely the studio had the link removed. The links for your LOTR scores are in the comments box.

Cheers !


Matthew_Booker said...

Chris -

Could I possibly talk you into adding that I am seeking the EXPANDED/EXTENDED versions of those scores? I found a link for the torrents for the individual tracks for them, but would rather just get it all at one sitting

Matthew_Booker said...

Also, would you have any interest in the COMPLETE scores for ALL FOUR of the Christopher Reeve Superman films?

If you do, e-mail me directly and give me a few days to re-shuffle them, because I can get them in the same order they appear in the films