The Shadow

[1] (complete) re-upped.

Thanks to Jura007 !


jura007 said...

are you maybe missing last two tracks of this soundtrack? on cover is 40 but when i downloaded it was 38?! i found it from another source so if you interested i'll upload it

mondrega said...

Hi, Jura007,
Thanks for your message and offer - so, yes, please. All your contributions are welcomed.

Cheers !


jura007 said...

here are all 40 tracks of The Shadow


Matthew_Booker said...

I tried these links, and, according to Rapidshare, they are INVALID - please post VALID links for the 40-track score, pref. from Rapidshare, I would LOVE to have that score

Matt_B said...

Chris -

Have you got a track listing for the 40 - track score, other than just what's on the back cover [track numbers and length]?

I have a couple of them mapped out, but not sure how accurate my map is to the actual track titles