1. Hardest Geometry Problem In The World (01:29) Mark Mothersbaugh
2. Making Time (02:55)Creation
3. Concrete & Clay (02:16)Unit 4 + 2
4. Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worrin' Bout That Girl (02:42)The Kinks
5. Sharp Little Guy (00:42)Mark Mothersbaugh
6. The Lad With The Silver Button (00:59)Mark Mothersbaugh
7. A Summer Song (02:37)Chad & Jeremy
8. Edward Appleby (In Memoriam) (00:42)Mark Mothersbaugh
9. Here Comes My Baby (02:54)Cat Stevens
10. A Quick One While He's Away (08:41)The Who
11. Snowflake Music (from Bottle Rocket) (00:37)Mark Mothersbaugh
12. Piranhas Are A Very Tricky Species (01:19)Mark Mothersbaugh
13. Blinuet (04:34)Zoot Sims
14. Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends (01:23)Mark Mothersbaugh
15. Rue St. Vincent (03:22)Yves Montand
16. Kite Flying Society (01:18)Mark Mothersbaugh
17. The Wind (01:39)Cat Stevens
18. Oh Yoko (04:16)John Lennon
19. Ooh La La (03:28)The Faces
20. Margaret Yang's Theme (01:16)Mark Mothersbaugh

Total Duration: 00:49:09

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