Special thanks to MS for this great share! 

* This score may be John Frizzell's Primeval. Anyone who knows for sure is welcome to post a comment.

Okay...It's Primeval ! Thanks for writing in to correct the mistake. Today's lucky winner will receive an all expenses paid vacation in Mogadishu.  


myscore said...

MS said...

Yes, unfortunately this turnes out to be Frizzell's "Primeval".
The entire Promo score can be found here:

So we have to keep looking for the real Kong.
(Though this actually sounded genuine).


MS said...

Very sorry, but as it turns out this is actually "Primeval".
The entire Promo.score can be found herer:

Sorry. will have to keep looking for the real Kong (though this one actually sounded so genuine I bought it)

mondrega said...

Thanks for the info but I heard you the first time!
Cheers !