John And Mary

Thanks for this one Bruce !! Great job.

Track listing
1. "Maybe Tomorrow" (03:10)Vocals: Evie Sands (Lyrics by Alan & Marilyn Bergman)
2. "Bump in the Night" (01:58)Vocals: The Strange Things
3. "Lost in Space" (03:15)Vocals: Jeff Bridges (Composed by Jeff Bridges)
4. Silent Moovies (02:11)Instrumental
5. "Maybe Tomorrow" (04:18)Vocals: The Morgan Ames Singers (Lyrics by Alan & Marilyn Bergman)
6. Main Title (02:48)Instrumental
7. 22nd Fugue for Well-Tempered Clavichord (01:31)Instrumental(J.S. Bach)
8. Rondo No. 1 (01:58)Instrumental (Wolfgang Mozart)
9. Opus 54, Variations Serieuses (02:05)Instrumental (Mendelssohn)
10. Allegro from Royal Fireworks Suite (03:58)Instrumental (Handel)
11. Maybe Tomorrow (03:58)Instrumental Total Duration: 00:31:10

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B_4 said...

Evie Sands is WONDERFUL. Her version of Maybe Tomorrow can also be found on her album ANYWAY THAT YOU WANT ME.