How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Track listing
1. Enough Love (03:16)performed by Duffy
2. What A Wonderful World (02:23)performed by Joey Ramone
3. Ace Of Spades (02:47)performed by Motorhead
4. Chicken Payback (03:13)performed by The Bees
5. Spooky (02:43)performed by Dusty Springfield
6. Drinks Taste Better When They're Free (03:13)performed by Electrovamp
7. La Dolce Vita / In Via Veneto (01:38)composed by Nino Rota
8. Get Over It (04:16)performed by Gullemots
9. Heavy Like Sunday (02:55)performed by Leona Naess
10. You Really Got Me (02:14)performed by The Kinks
11. I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (04:10)performed by Scissor Sisters
12. For Reasons Unknown (03:31)performed by The Killers
13. With Every Heartbeat (04:12)performed by Robyn
14. I Love What You Do (03:26)performed by Electrovamp
15. How To Lose Friends (Score) (05:24)
16. Sharps, Sophie, Cuba And Chaos (Score) (04:06)
17. How To Make Friends (Score) (01:21)
18. Living The Dream (Score) (02:45)
19. La Dolce Vita / Finale (03:00)composed by Nino Rota Total Duration: 01:00:33

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