Thanks, Jacqui !

Track listing
1. Scotty Doesn't Know (By Lustra)
2. My Generation (By Chapeaumelon)
3. Wild One (By Wakefield)
4. 99 Red Balloons (By Goldfinger)
5. In The City Lyrics (By The Jam)
6. Shooting Stars (By Cauterize)
7. Nonchalant (By Chapeaumelon)
8. Scotty Doesn't Know "Euro Version" (By MC Jeffsky)
9. Make My Dreams Come True (By Apollo 440)
10. Du (By David Hasselhoff)
11. Les Promesses (By Autour De Lucie)
12. I Love Marijuana (By Linval Thompson)
13. Turn It Up (By Ugly Duckling)
14. Get Loose (By The Salads)

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