Don Quixote

Track listing
1. Main Title (02:03)
2. The Shepherds (01:27)
3. Love Theme (01:39)
4. Preparations/ The Knight's Attack (03:35)
5. A Place Called "La Mancha" (02:26)
6. Arabian Dance (02:32)
7. A Letter For Dulcinea (01:17)
8. Windmills Or Giants? (03:23)
9. Don Quixote and the Books (03:16)
10. Heroics (02:06)
11. Dulcinea, Queen of La Mancha (01:24)
12. The Balm of FieraBras (03:37)
13. On Horseback (01:39)
14. Rocinante's Theme (01:36)
15. As Time Goes By... (01:12)
16. The Knight of the Doleful Countenance (02:09)
17. Bad News/ The Holy Brotherhood/ The Galley Slaves (03:12)
18. Defeat (02:03)
19. My Lord Don Quixote/ End Title (03:11)Total Duration: 00:43:47


timo said...

I really appreciate all the time and effort in sharing these sometimes impossible to find film scores, but I am curious as to the inconsistent, and often low, bit rate.

Lossless, or at least 320 mp3s (as the case here), would be wonderful.

mondrega said...

Hi, Timo,
Thanks for your message. You can search for high bitrate soundtracks by typing 'lossless' in the search window at the top left of the page and that will give you all the current titles in 320 -1411 kbs. Soundtracks which have come from my own collection have been ripped using EAC (Exact Audio Copy) at a bitrate of 1411kbs. Since Rapidshare have a 200 megabyte upload restriction I have to split the files up into smaller and more manageable sizes.
Files that are 320kbs have been purchased by me from sites such as MP3Fiesta, MP3Search, Rhapsody and Imesh. Significant contributors to the site including Jura007 have also supplied 320kbs files.
Others sources include bttorrent which allows for huge files to be uploaded and downloaded. The site is annonymous, you just take what you want and that's it. I always scan those files for viruses and malware and remove any links and references to gambling and adult sites. Then I find the appropriate artwork and a track listing to go with it and the post it on the blog. Usually the info comes from collector or from
If I get Don Quixote in a higher bitrate I will post it as a re-up. Meanwhile welcome to the blog !

Cheers !

timo said...

I very much appreciate the wonderfully thorough and good natured response.

As I mentioned, Don Quixote is already at 320, so no re-up need there.

Again, thank you very much.