Track listing
1. Chaje Shukarije (04:22)Performed by Esma Redzepova
2. Born To Be Wild (03:04)Performed by Fanfare Ciocãrlia
3. Dialoguing Excerpt From Moviefilm 1 (Borat) (00:29)Dialogue Spoken by Sacha Baron Cohen
4. Siki, Siki Baba (04:11)Performed by Koèani Orkestar
5. Gypsy's Kolo (02:11)Performed by Jony Iliev & Band
6. Dialoguing Excerpt From Moviefilm 2 (Borat) (00:13)Dialogue Spoken by Sacha Baron Cohen
7. Eu Vin Acasa Cu Drag (03:34)Performed by Stefan De La Barbulesti
8. In My Country There Is Problem (Throw The Jew Down The Well) (02:17)Performed by Sacha Baron Cohen
9. Grooming Pubis (00:42)Performed by Erran Baron Cohen
10. Magic Mamaliga (02:09)Performed by O.M.F.O.
11. Dialoguing Excerpt From Moviefilm 3 (Borat) (00:15)Dialogue Spoken by Sacha Baron Cohen
12. Money Boney (02:31)Performed by O.M.F.O.
13. You Be My Wife (03:09)Performed by Sacha Baron Cohen
14. Ederlezi (Scena Durdevdana Na Rijeci) (04:56)Performed by Goran Bregovic
15. Dialoguing Excerpt From Moviefilm 4 (Borat) (00:10)Dialogue Spoken by Sacha Baron Cohen
16. Mahalageasca (Bucovina Dub) (04:17)Performed by Mahala Rai Banda Vs. Shantel
17. Dialoguing Excerpt From Moviefilm 5 (Borat) (00:12)Dialogue Spoken by Sacha Baron Cohen
18. O Kazakhstan (01:54)Performed by Erran Baron Cohen
Total Duration: 00:40:36

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