Land Of The Pharoahs


Main Title/Pharaoh's Procession/Pharaoh Walks 10:38

Pharaoh and Hamar/Looking for Vashtar/People of Egypt/Recitative/Pharaoh's Decree 5:51 Funeral Song of Joy/Hymn to the Hero/Funeral Song to a Traitor/Pharaoh's Spoils/Breaking Pottery/Song of the Builders 16:39

Song of the Builders/The Crane/Song of the Builders/Slave Hits Drum/Treasure 13:44

Nellifer 5:13

Fighting the Bull/Sudanese Dance 3:42

The Vault/The Quarry/Secret Meeting/Vashtar's Home 9:57

The Priests/Blindfolded/Toiling/Senta 8:10 Total Disc Time: 74:02


Kyra/Senta and Kyra/Kyra's Song/Council Chamber 7:05

Melody of Death 1:25

Melody of Death/Pharaoh's Tent in the Desert/Camel Caravan/The Duel/Treneh's Death 12:54 Kyra/Land of the Pharaohs/Nellifer's Wish 4:18

Chess Game/Nellifer the Queen/Sealing the Tomb/End Title 8:59

Total Time: 34:49 Total Score Time: 108:51

Bonus Tracks Land of the Pharaohs (instrumental) 2:33 Land of the Pharaohs (vocal) 2:16 Council Chamber (alternate) 2:01

Melody of Death (continuation) 1:12 15M2 Alternate 1:00 Total Time: 9:12

Total Disc Time: 44:08