Jerry Goldsmith

This list is not complete. The remainder scores of Jerry's can be found elsewhere in the blog.

Where the files are split up there's an individual link under each word of the title

100 Rifles

Ace Eli And Roger Of The Skies


Baby - Secret Of The Lost Legend

The ‘Burbs [Varese]

Capricorn One [b/l]

Capricorn One expanded

Chain Reaction 42 track b/l

Chinatown [b/l]

Coma / Westworld *

Dr Kildare ***

The Edge [deluxe]

Gremlins 2 CD

First Blood 2 CD **

Hollow Man 2 CD b/l


In Harms Way [Intrada]

Inner Space [La La]

Link [Intrada]


The Mummy (missing score)

The Omen [deluxe]

The Omen [Blu Ray]

Patton 2CD [Intrada]

Powder 40 tracks

Powder 37 tracks

Ransom [Prometheus]


Rudy 24 track b/l

Runaway 24 tracks

The Sand Pebbles [deluxe] ***

The Sand Pebbles (2 CD)

Sebastian [Harkit]

The Secret Of NIMH

The Shadow - password - lamontcranston (fan made but awesome !!)

Stagecoach / The Loner [FSM]

Stagecoach (2012) 320kbs

Star Trek - The Motion Picture (fan made but awesome!!)

Star Trek V - The Final Frontier(320kbs)

Supergirl [Silva]

The Swarm [Prometheus]

Timeline [16 tracks]

Timeline [14 tracks Varese]

Warlock [Silva]

The Wind And The Lion

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